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Explain Different types of CAM with Followers

 Different types of CAM with followers:

1) Knife edge follower.
2) Flat faced follower.
3) Roller follower.
4) Spherical faced follower.
5) Mushroom follower.

1) Knife edge follower: 
    In this type of follower, the contact end of the follower is Knife edge which is used to contact with      the surface of the cam.
    Due to the high wear rate, the use of Knife edge follower is used less.
    In this sliding motion is occurring.

2) Flat faced follower:
   In this follower, the contact end of the follower is the flat face at contacting surface.
   This is used mainly in steep rise case.
   Due to more contact surface, it produces a high wear rate.

3) Roller follower:
   In this type of follower, The contact end of the follower is Roller at contacting surface.
   There is a rolling motion when it gets contact with the cam.
   This is used in heavy engines like aircrafts engines, gas engines. due to less wear and tear and side     thrust between guide and follower.
   It is not recommended at step rise due to it gets jams the cam.
   In this rolling motion is occurring.

4) Spherical faced follower:
   The contacting surface of the follower is spherical, this is used to decrease the stress produced by       flat faced followers.

5) Mushroom follower:
  In this follower, the contact surface is flat faced or spherical faced.
  In this, the motion occurs is sliding,
  In this, the wear rate is lower than the knife edge and low side thrust.
  This is used in an automobile engine where limited space is available.

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