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Advantages and Limitation of Direct over Indirect Injection Combustion Chamber

The Advantages and Limitation of Direct over Indirect Injection Combustion Chamber is as follows:

1) The construction is Simple compared to an indirect injunction.
2) In this, the heat loss during the Compression stroke is less, compared to Indirect.
3) In this there are multi-hole nozzles are present. by this high quality is gained.
4) It does not use Cold starting at chambers.
5) This posses high thermal efficiency than Indirect injection.
6) Due to less loss of pressure, specific fuel consumption is low.
7) If the ignition delay is long this process is used.
8) The main purpose of it is used at low-speed engines.
9) Mechanical efficiency is high.

1) In Indirect injection Combustion chamber, there should be high pressure required, due to this       Complex Design of Fuel injection is required.
2) It produces high smoke at the exhaust.
3) In this fuel-air mixture is not proper.
4) due to the carbon deposition at the orifice of the nozzle it may get Clogged.
5) Volumetric efficiency is reduced due to the inlet valve of masking.

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