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About the Cold Stabilization and limitations of I-T Diagram?

Cold Stabilization:

  • It is a type of temperature cycle process, In this process without affecting the temperature it can relive the internal stress.
  • At this process, the austenite which is retained is converted into martensite at a subatmospheric temperature in the material.
  • This Cold Stabilization is adopted due to the excess removing of salt or ester.
  • The manufacturing cost is reduced due to the energy required for processing is less.
I-T Diagram:

  • This diagram is used for the time determination, In different temperatures the transformation of one phase to another phase Isothermally.

Limitations of cold stabilization:

  • Under continuous cooling, it cannot prediction directly of accurate Transformation.
  • For only samples of a single group, it is used.
  • By the use of isothermal nose, the error may occur at the cooling rate.
  • For only single Isothermal temperature it is applied
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