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Compare the Brass and Bronze

Compare the Brass and Bronze:

  • Brass is softer than the Bronze.
  • Brass is used to making Bearings, bushes etc.. and they are used for pump linings, hydraulic types of equipment.
  • In Brass they are subjected to season cracking.
  • This has good Surface finish characteristics.
  • Brass is a non-corrosive and it has the high tensile strength and higher ductility.
  • Machinability of Brass is improved by adding of lead percentage.
  • There are different types of Brass: Aluminium Brass, Commercial Brass, Admiralty Brass.
  • Brass has a high amount of zinc up to 43%, it is a copper based alloy. 
  • Brass finishing has light shiny.


  • Bronze is harder than Brass.
  • Bronze is used for making bearings, sheets, utensils..etc. and used for pump linings.
  • In Bronze it does not form season cracking.
  • This has better corrosion resistance than Brass.
  • It has high strength, toughness and the coefficient of friction are low.
  • Wear resistance, ductility increases by adding phosphorus.
  • There are different types of Bronzes: Silicon Bronze, Phosphor Bronze, Gunmetal etc..
  • It is copper based alloy it contains tin up to 10% and zinc is the other element.
  • Bronze has the high finish.
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