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Components of the Vane type Compressor

Components that required to run the vane compressor are as follows:

1) Inlet pipe.
2) Sliding vane
3) Rotor
4) Casing
5) valve
6) Roller bearings
7) Outlet pipe

Inlet Pipe:
                  This inlet pipe is used to flow the fluid into rotor inlet and this made to flow a large amount of fuel into the cylinder.

Sliding Vane:
                  This is made up of steel, carbon etc.. this is used to slide over the rotor in which slots are provided.

                 The rotor is commonly known as rotating the part. this used to rotate when the electricity passes to vane compressor. in it, there are the number of slots is equal to vanes.
           it uses for sliding of vanes. this uses to compress the fluid between the outer surface and compressor wall and this helps the fluid to flow towards the outlet pipe.

                It has an important role in the compressor, in this the inlet pipe and outlet pipe is non-symmetrical. and to prevent leakage sealing is required in between vane and cylinder.

               It is also known as a non-return valve, used to prevent the reverse flow into the cylinder when the fluid enters into the outlet pipe.

Roller bearings:
               This is used to support the rotor.

Outlet pipe:
              It is used to discharge the compressed fluid in the cylinder with the help of the valve.

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