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Composite materials properties and their Applications

 Composite materials properties and their Applications:

1. Practice Reinforced Composite:

  • It is High Resistance to Temperature.
  • This type of composite is Hard and Inert.
  • This is Good resistance to Corrosion.
  • It is good at Oxidation.

  • This is used to the cutting tool.
  • Used as magnets.
  • Due to the high-temperature resistance it is used as Rocket Nozzles.

2. Fiber Reinforced Composite:

  • It has high strength.
  • It has High resistance to Fatigue.
  • It has more stiffness.

  • Due to high strength it is used to Aircraft parts.
  • This is used for pipes, tanks etc.
  • Due to stiffness it is used to Instrument panels, tubing etc.

3. Laminar composites:

  • It has high Corrosion resistance.
  • It has higher strength.
  • This has the higher strength to weight ratio.
  • It has low density.

  • This is used to cooking and frying pans.
  • This is used for Construction of aircraft.
  • Used for different types of tanks, works done at construction etc.

4. Flake composite:

  • This Composite material has high resistance to heat.
  • And it also has high strength.
  • It has good electric properties.

  • This is used for Molded insulators.
  • This is used for Printed Circuits.
  • And also for lighting panels for polarized.

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