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Explain about crystalline ceramics and Natural ceramics

Crystalline ceramics and Natural ceramics:

Ceramic materials are made up of non-metals and the inorganic compound and this crystal are formed by the help of bond formation called covalent bond or ionic bond.
The different type of properties can be added by using the different type of crystal structure. In this type of ceramic crystals, there is a possibility of different sizes of atoms and geometric configuration can be joined together. In this type there are different types of atoms are assembled closely.

Different types of the crystal structure:

Structure of Magnesium oxide
Structure of Caesium
Zinc blend. etc

Natural Ceramics:

These are also formed from non-metallic and inorganic materials. this is used at high temperatures. this ceramics can retain strength at high temperature.

There are different types of Natural ceramics:
  •  Glass
  •  Refractory materials
  •  Clay

This type of materials are used as coating and this is used to protect the materials. this is used as the coating at ground and cover coating.
And also used a different type of Fixtures, Piping Vessels etc.

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