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Difference between Annealing and Normalizing?

The Difference between Annealing and Normalizing:


  • Annealing process is used to improve the softness and ductility of on metals.
  • The time taking is longer.
  • This is a slow process due to the cooling is done in the furnace itself.
  • The structure of grain is coarse.
  • This type of treatment is more cost than normalizing.
  • To improve the machinability it is used.
  • For an annealed steel the quality of the machined surface is low.
  • This type of steels are less harder than the normalized metals.


  • This process of normalizing is used to refine the grain structure.
  • It takes less time.
  • In this cooling, is done in the air itself.
  • Structure of grain is finer.
  • This treatment is less costly.
  • It is used to improve the machinability.
  • For this type of steel the high quality of the machined surface is done.
  • This steel has harder than the Annealing.
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