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Difference between Mechanical Comparator and Electrical comparator

The difference between mechanical Comparator and electrical Comparator is as follows:


  • The Mechanical Comparator has more number of moving parts. 
  • Due to more moving parts present in this system there is a high rate of wear and friction.
  • Mechanical comparator is not high accuracy.
  • Readings of this Comparator do not affect by variations in power supply.
  • This can be maintained easily.
  • This type of comparator is less cost.
  • This type of Comparator does not depend on the external supply of current.
  • Due to the more number of moving parts present in the comparator it is sensitive.
  • Magnification range is comparatively low than electrical type .


  • The Electrical Comparator has less number of movable parts.
  •  Due to less moving parts there is a less in wear and friction.
  • Electrical comparator is high in Accuracy.
  • External supply of current is needed.
  • In this, the instrument is affected by the fluctuation in the frequency of an external power supply.
  • This type of Comparator is more costly.
  • Due to less number of movable parts, this is not sensitive to vibrations.
  • Magnification range is higher than mechanical type.
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