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Electrical Comparator advantages, disadvantages and uses

Advantages of Electrical Comparator:

  • Vibrations are reduced due to least weight of mechanical.
  • It consists of less moving parts.
  • By AC supply the friction errors are reduced.
  • For measuring units the indicating instrument can be held at remote locations.

Disadvantages of Electrical Comparator:

  • The accuracy of this Comparator is affected by supplying of variations in AC current.
  • Heating of coils may lead to the occurrence of zero drift.
  • It is more expensive.
  • Pointer moving over a fixed scale reduces the range of Comparator.


  • It is used for measuring head.
  • It is used indication panel, to prove visual indicators.
  • It is used for external gauging, internal gauging, and thickness gauging.
  • It is used for measuring flatness measurement.
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