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Explain about Chilled cast iron and Anodizin

Chilled cast iron:

The combination of both gray cast iron and white cast iron, the chilled cast iron is formed. This combination is used to get the properties of two different metals. the surface of chilled cast iron is present with white cast iron and gray cast iron is at central of chilled cast iron. this is done carefully at alloy and at cooling. in this formation, the amount of carbon and silicon plays a major role. in this by increasing the amount of carbon, silicon and graphitizing elements the white cast iron depth decreases.
In this Carbon has 2-2.5% and 3-3.5% of silicon.
This is used for Grinding balls, Road rollers, Crushers, Dies, Stamp shoes etc...


Anodizing is used to improve the wear resistance of metals like Aluminium, zinc, and alloys etc.. This is done by the Oxide coating. In this process the coating of aluminum is simple and this forms thick layers. Aluminum company of America developed the Alumilite which is an anodizing process in this sulphuric acid is used as an electrode, in this process, the layers are thicker and more porous than any other process, this type of anodizing is used to coat for hydraulic pistons, gears, cams, screws etc..
When the Anodizing is done this oxide layers should pass oxygen ions through them.

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