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Benson Boiler and its diagram

 Benson Boiler:   

Benson boiler is a high-pressure water tube boiler. it consist of same density of steam and water at critical pressure. in benson boiler steam generates in single pass (water) through it.
  • By this, the bubble formation is easily eliminated and at this stage, without boiling of water it can form into steam.
  • It is drum-less.

  • Working principle of benson boiler:

  • It intakes water at one end and it discharges it as superheater steam at another end.
  • In this with the feed pump the water intakes and circulated through an economizer, this is pumped through radiant to evaporate partly. when the water is converted into steam, the steam passes to the super-heater at this steam gets super heated and this is supplied to the prime mover.
  • It has high thermal efficiency and it can produce 225 bar pressure. 
  • In this, it has feed pump, Furnace, Superheater, Economiser, air pre-heater.

Construction of benson boiler:

Air pre-heater:

Benson boiler use an additional air pre-heater to increase the temperature of air. which increases the efficiency of boiler.

Super heater:

Super heater used to increase the steam production and decreases the water vapour present in steam. this device helps the turbine blades from corrosion, due to the elimination of water vapour from steam.

Feed pump:

pump used to feed the water to boiler when ever required.


It is a device used to supply a required quantity of water with the help of pump.


This is used to develop the heat and converts the water into steam.

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