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Explain how to control the Knocking in S.I Engine?

 Methods to control the knocking in SI engine.


1.Super Charging.

  Super charging is used to increase the power of the engine by supplying the required amount of fuel in to the combustion chamber to generate an required power.

  • By using this type of device we can decrease in space for an engine.
  • This helps to burn the complete amount of air-fuel.
  • This can increase the power required
  • This can increasing the torque.
  •  Decreasing the knocking in S.I engines.
Few types of superchargers:
  • Vane-type supercharger.
  • Centrifugal supercharger.

2.Turbo Charging.

 This is a type of process that increases power, by using the centrifugal compressor or turbine wheel.
which is used to compress the air that entering the combustion chamber. this works with the help of exhaust gas, connected to the turbine wheel, gas uses to rotate the wheel, and this is connected to the compressor.

Advantages of turbo charging:

  • It can obtain more brake power.
  • It produces less exhaust gases.
  • It decreases in fuel used by the engine.


This is used to clean inside the engine like position, cylinder, valves.etc.. due to the unburnt air-fuel mixture present in engine gets out with exhaust gas, which contains harmful gases. due to this decarbonization is used to remove the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber.

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