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Explain the Orsat Apparatus

Orsat Apparatus:

  • The Orsat Apparatus is used to Analysis the products combustion, this is done by the process explained below.
  • It consists of burette to measure and there are three flasks.
  • There is a chemical in the flasks to absorb different types of gasses, like CO2, O2CO.
  • This flask has Potassium hydroxide (KOH), Pyrogallic acid which is an alkali, Cuprous chloride. this is to observe the gases.
  • By the lowering, the leveling bottle a small number of combustion products gets into the measuring burette.

  • This small amount of sample is passed through every flask which has reagents that are used to absorbs the gases.
  • This sample is returned to the vessel where the volume is measured.
  • At the absorption process, there is a volume decrease this used to represent the partial volume of each constituent
  • Which has been absorbed. 
  • In this, the CO2 is taken as N2 After the absorption which is remainder of flue gas.
  • There is a sequence in absorption CO2, O2, and CO
  • In this, if the Absorbent is used to absorbing O2 which can absorb a small amount of CO2, by this amount of CO2 is less which is given by the Or sat apparatus if there is the first CO2 is observed and next CO2.
  • The analysis of this apparatus gives on the due basis, this is given by the temperature which is lower than the dew point temperature of combustion temperature.
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