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Glass formation and their characteristics


  • The glass is a type of Transparent silica product it depends on the heat treatment. which is done by heating the material to a high temperature, which is heated below the melting point.
  • In this process, the high-temperature glass is pressed with force in a mold to get into a required shape.
  • The required shape can occur by using general block press and die press to get into a shape.
  • In this Blowing is also used for different type of products that to occur like tubes, bottles etc..
  • This is done by using Blow Mould by high force of air blast.
  • This can also made into Flat Sheets with the help of Roller.

Applications of galass:

  • Window Glass, Glass Doors, Bottles, Tables etc.

Characteristics of glass:

  • * It should have high hardness.
  • * It must have Insulative property.
  • * There should be high resistance to Corrosion and Chemical.
  • * It must possess sufficient strength.
  • * It should be high Resistivity to electrical.
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