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Boiler Mountings, Explain Important Mounting of a Boiler

The Function of Boiler Mounting:

The boiler is used for generating the steam, This is done at the desired temperature and pressure.

Boiler Mountings:

  • These mountings are used in boilers to control the steam generation process.
Some of the examples of boiler mounting are as follows:

Water level indicator:

  • This is used to indicate the level of water in the boiler when the boiler is filled this used as an indicator to identify the level of water.

Pressure Gauge:

  • This is used for measure the pressure in the boiler and gives an indication when it is high.

Safety valve:

  • This is used to flow the excess steam. when there is a high amount of steam is presented in it.

Fusible plug:

  • This is used when the heat supplied to the boiler is excessive than the level of water it damages to the boiler. this helps to safeguard it from that damages.

Blow-off Cock:

  • This is used at the time of cleaning or repairing to remove the water from the boiler.

Check Valve:

  • This is used to check the flow of water to the boiler and used to check the operations at low pressure and also is used to check at the water escapes from it.

Stop valve:

  • This is used to control the steam flow which from boiler outlet to steam pipe.
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