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Grain Size and Measurement Methods of Grain Size

Grain Size:

It is said to be a grain size with the diameter of the grain of  granular material. and this is in the shape of irregular polycrystalline metal.
in this, there are two structures i.e fine-grained metal and coarse-grained metal
Smaller grain structure is called fine metal And larger structure is called coarse grain metal.
For fine metal, it has fatigue and larger tensile and for course material it has Work-ability, harden-ability. and this has rough surface due to this it has low toughness.

Grain size Measurement has three types of methods:
1. Compression method: this is used to measure the equiaxed grains size.
2. Heyn method: this is for non-equiaxed grains size.
3. Jeffries method: this is more used than compression, this is for equiaxed grains size.

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