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Macroscopic view and microscopic view

Explain about the Macroscopic view and microscopic view

Macroscopic view:
  • In this system the analysis is done by measuring properties like pressure, Temperature etc..
  • It does not explain about the mater of structure
  • By the help of gauges, the properties are measured.
  • In this system behave of all the molecules are equal.
  • It takes less time for measuring the properties.
  • In this system, by using few co-ordinates are required to describe it.
  • To approach for the analysis of macroscopic, it required only simple mathematical formulae.
  • This type of process is known as Classical thermodynamics.

Microscopic View:

  • This process is explained by the microscopic properties of matter correlating with molecular   configuration and
  •  Intermolecular forces.
  • This system deals with the thermodynamic system of time average.
  • In this system, the molecules have its own properties and the velocity is independent.
  • To describe this system it required large number of molecules.
  • It is hard to measure the variables which are used to describe the system.
  • It takes more time to measure the variables.
  • To describe this system it required both mathematical and statistical methods.
  • This type of process is known as statistical thermodynamics.
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