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Sigma Comparator construction and working

Construction and Working of a Sigma Comparator:

Sigma Comparator: In this article we will learn a bout Sigma Comparator. What is Sigma Comparator. Construction of Sigma Comparator, Working of Sigma Comparator.
  • It has different types of parts to combine and form a sigma Comparator. There are slit diaphragms, plunger, flexible strips, Y-type forked arm, driving drum, pointer spindle, fixed member etc.

What is a sigma comparator:

Sigma comparator is a device or an instrument used to measure the dimensions of the object and it used to compare the measurements of the object also.

Construction of sigma comparator:

The Plunger is mounted on the slit diaphragms to give a friction less linear movement. the knife edge is fixed on it and bears upon the face of the moving member of a cross strip hinge. There is a moving and fixed member thin flexible strips alternatively at the right angle to each other. In this, there is a moving component that carries a lightweight Y-type forked arm. It is connected to the end of a thin ribbon of phosphor bronze, which is rounded a small drum. This drum is mounted on a spindle incorporated with pointer.thus if there is any vertical displacement causes the pointer to rotate through the arrangement.                                             
  • The Magnification can be adjusted if the distance is changed by fitting and slackening the screws attaching the knife edge to the plunger.

Advantages of sigma comparator:

  • This type of comparator is easy to operate.
  • Sigma comparator is less cost.
  • Understanding of readings is easy.

Disadvantages of sigma comparator:

  • Friction developed is more in this type of comparator.
  • Moving parts in this comparator are more.
  • It develops more vibrations.

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