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Superior Properties of Fine-Grained Materials than Coarse-Grained Materials

Fine-Grained Materials:

This Fine-Grained Materials has a different type of properties due to the different type of sizes.
There are some factors that grain size depends on, temperature up to the metal heated.
Time of heating the metal in the furnace.

Properties of grain size:

  • Due to more hardness, the high tensile strength it is not easy to deform.
  • The fine-grained materials has hardness due to diffusion of foreign atoms are less effective during the heat treatment.

  • Due to large grain size in Coarse Ductility and malleability are increased.
  • Creep strength is better at elevated temperature.
  • Fine-grained materials are more used at structure applications.
  • In fine-grained materials the surface finish is better and resistance to cracking.
  • Coarse gained materials causes surface roughness.
  • It is difficult to polish the surface of Coarse.
  • Coarse has better workability due to the large grained structure.
  • The grain boundary is more for fine-grained than coarse grain.
  • The grain boundary is different from grains to grains 
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