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Top 10 Universities in Germany to study Mechanical Engineering

Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Universities in Germany:

Top 10 Universities in Germany to study Mechanical Engineering : In this article we discuss about the best and top 10 universities in Germany to study Mechanical Engineering.Here are the top 10 Universities in Germany to study Mechanical Engineering.

1.Technical University of Munich [TUM].

The university is founded in 1868 by Ludwig 11 of Bavaria, and it is the member of TU9. It's campuses in Munichi, Garching, and Freising weihenstephan. It is ranked top in Germany. it is a public type,
Wolfgang A. Herrmann. is the president of the university.
Academic Affiliations: ATHENS, CESAER, EAIE,EUA,Eurotech, GUEI,ASUS,TIME,TU9.
It calls itself the entrepreneurial university. it is a worldwide competition for discovery and innovation.
It is the most research-focused universities in Germany and Europe.
Noble Prize:
There are 16 Noble prize winners in different fields chemistry, physics, medicine etc.. They studied, researched at TUM.
There are different Research Centers: Semiconductors research, nutrition science, Biomedical engineering, Catalysis Research center, Nanoscience, and many advanced studies.

2.Ruperto Carola--Heidelberg University:

This is the one of the oldest university in Germany, it is established in the year 1386, it is the most research-intensive institute in Europe. Bern hard Eitel is the president of Ruperto Carola university.
it ranked 3rd in 2018/2019 by times higher education world university.
there are many exchange programmes and the high number of partnerships with international universities.
Noble Laureates: 56 Noble Laureates share the connection with Ruperto Carola.
Affiliation: German university excellence Initiative, LERU, Combra group, U15, EUA.

3.Ludwig-maximilians university Munich: [LMU]
It is a public university, Established in 1476 it is the university of Ingolstadt until 1802, it is located in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It is founded by Duke Ludwig 9 of Bavaria-Landshut.
Noble Laureates: 42
Affiliations: German excellence, Universities Europeun, LERU.
It is the 6th oldest university.
it is a part of 24 collaborative research centers funded by the German research foundation and its host university of 13 of them.

4.Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: [KIT]

It is founded in 1825 and the national nuclear is established in 1956.
Holger Hanselka is the president of KIT.
It is the Public research University and one of the largest research and educational institutions in Germany.
it is the member of TU9.
Affiliations: German universities excellence initiative, CLUSTER, CESAER, ENTREE, TU9, EUA, EUCOR, Helmholtz, Association.
A per 2018 there are 6 Nobel Laureates are Affiliated with KIT.
in this Computer science is leading in Germany. and in 1966 Central computer laboratory was founded.

5.The Free University of Berlin

It is established in 1948, it is a public university, Peter Andre Alt is the president of the free university of Berlin.
the main campus is located in Berlin Dahlem, Germany.
it is selected as repeatedly the country's university of excellence. it is well known for its research in humanities and social sciences.
it includes many scientists, philosopher, and political. there are 5 Nobel prize winners in them.
and 15 noble laureates.
this is the premier choice for students coming to study in Germany.
Affiliations: UNICA, EUA, German excellence university, DFG, U15, Charite-university Medizin Berlin.

6.Humboldt- university Zu Berlin

It is founded in 1810. it is established by Frederick William 111, it has a title of ''Mother of all modern universities''
It achieves the unity of teaching and research, and provide students with all-round humanist education.
In this, there are 40 Noble Laureates. and of 2017 it has associated with 55 Noble Prize winners.
this is the most prestigious university in the world for art and humanities.
Affiliations: German excellence, UNICA, U15,EUA,Afomium Culture.

7.Albert- Ludwigs University Freiburg

It is founded in 1457, in Freiburg in Breisgau, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. it is the 5th oldest university in Germany.
this is a public type.
this university has numerous noble laureates and Leibniz prize winners.
Affiliations: U15, EUA,IFPO,EUCOR,LERU.


It is established in 1870, Located in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
It is the largest university of technology in Germany, and one of the most renowned in Germany research university.
it is a public type university which has educated several notable individuals including some noble laureates in physics and chemistry.
there is some major role played subjects like mechanical engineering, chemistry, medicine, electrical.
Afiliations: Domestic: DFG, German Excellence, Initiative, TU9.
International: ALMA, CESAER, IDEA League, SEFI, TIME, UNITECH International, PEGASUS, EASN.

9.University of Gottingen

It is founded in 1737 by George 11. it is the Historic and traditional institution in Germany.
it is called as city of science, and a public research university.
Ulrike Beisiegel is the president of Gottingen university.
The university is associated with 45 Nobel Prize winners, Who Researched and lived during there working time.
there are also associated with recent Noble Laureates like Stefan Hell(2014), and Thomas c. sudh of (2013).
Affiliations: German Excellence University, Coimbra Group, U15, EUA, U4 Network.

10.Eberhard Karls University Tubingen

It is founded in 1477, this is a public research university which is located in Tubingen, Baden-Wurttemberg.
It is the oldest and famous university in Germany.
this university library is for the general public also.
this is the best renowned researched university in Europ. and it is best in cross-disciplinary events and Cultural highlights in this city.
Affiliations: German University Excellence Initiative, MNU.
It is associated with 11 Nobel Laureates in different fields and some are awarded Nobel Prize.

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