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Vapour Compression System and its Working

Vapour Compression system:

Vapour Compression System consist of Compressor, Condenser, Receiver, Expansion valve and Evaporator.
In this type of system it consist of four processes.
  1. Compression process [1-2]
  2. Condensation process [2-3]
  3. Expansion Process [3-4]
  4. Evaporation process [4-1]

1.Compression process:
  In this the low temperature and pressure vapor refrigeration from the evaporator is drawn into the compressor, this is compressed to high pressure and temperature.by this enthalpy of the refrigerant increases P1, T1, and h1 to P2, T2, and h2.

2.Condensation Process:
 the high temperature and pressure enter into the condenser, and this is condensed to liquid. with the help of cooling medium the reversible rejection of heat place. in this temperature and pressure is constant and enthalpy of refrigerant decreases from h2 and h3.

3.Expansion process:
In this process, the irreversible expansion of the liquid takes place at constant enthalpy, in this process the temperature and
 pressure decreases from T3 and P3 to T4 and P4.

4.Evaporation process:
Reversible Heat addition takes place at constant pressure. in this by the liquid refrigerant which is present in the evaporator and vaporizes the heat is absorbed. at this process, the enthalpy of refrigerant from h4 to h1, and at this temperature and pressure remains constant. the cycle is completed by entering the pressure and temperature into the compressor.

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