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What is Profilometer and uses of Profilometer

What is Profilometer:

  • This Profilometer is used to find the roughness value of the surface. It is also called as Abbot Profilometer. it consist of a diamond stylus and a spring attached to it which used to vibrates when this meter moves on the surfaceof the measuring object. 
  • This type of measurement is used to measure the accurate and a clear surface roughness.
  • With the help of galvanometer the measurement is done. and it consist of a chart to store the required data which is obtained from the measurement.

  • Profilometer consist of stylus which has a sharp point at the end of it which is also called as a diamond point. this sharp end point makes in contact with the surface of the work and inspected by moving it over the surface.the radius of the tip end is about 0.012 microns and is suspended in a flat spring. 
  • When the profilometer moves on the surface of the work the stylus gets vibrated when the surface is not smooth and this vibrations occur in it transfers to the coil which is present in the magnetic field and with the help of galvanometer the measurement is done due to the induced current. 

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