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Applications of Gas Turbine Plant and Parameters of the Gas Turbine Cycle

Applications of Gas Turbine Plant:

1. Power Generation:

There are three types of gas turbine based on the power utilization and size, this is used to generate the power.
  • Small Sized Gas Turbine.
  • Middle Sized Gas Turbine.
  • Large Sized Gas Turbine.

Small Sized Gas Turbine.

  • This is a type of radial inward flow turbine, which has a centrifugal compressor in it. this type of turbine generates up to 2MW Power.

Middle Sized Gas Turbine.

  • It has Axial-Flow compressors in it and axial flow turbines which are used to generate power up to 5MW to 50MW.

Large Sized Gas Turbine.

  • This type of turbine works at high-pressure ratio and temperature, It produces power more than 50MW.

2. Aviation:

  • These gas turbines are used at aircraft field to work under high temperature up to 1000degreeC.

3. Super Charger:

  • The gas turbine is used to draw the compressed air, superchargers are used to fit in heavy-duty diesel engines and also in aviation gasoline engines.

4. Marine Engines:

  • For Marine Engines gas turbines are used because water storage is not required.

5. Railway engines:

  • Gas turbines are used to drive the air compressor in engines.
  •  This also used for high-speed racing cars.

Parameters of the Gas Turbine Cycle:

Compressor Efficiency:

  • It is given as the ratio of At a specified range of pressure Work required for ideal air compression to Actual work utilized by the compressor.

Engine Efficiency:

  • It is the ratio of actual work generated by the turbine to yielded ideal expansion condition.

Thermal efficiency:

  • It is the ratio of net output work to the heat supplied.

Mechanical efficiency:

  • This efficiency is the combination of engine, turbine, and compressor.

Pressure ratio:

  • It is the ratio of Higher pressure to the lower pressure.

Work Ratio:

  • It is the ratio of net output to the turbine work.

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