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Boring Machine and different types of boring machine

Boring Machine and different types of boring machine:

Boring Machine: Boring is used for enlarging an existing hole. This is used for getting an accurate size and a better finish to hole, this improves the quality of work. Boring can do small works with accurately and effectively but when used for making large holes the required boring machine should be a special type.Depending on the type of rough and finishing boring tools we use, we get the surface finish and accuracy of the product. There are two types of boring machines they are as follows
1. vertical boring machine and
2. horizontal boring machine.

Vertical Boring machine:

There are different parts in Vertical boring machine follows:


This also acts as the base of the machine which is attached to the floor. This is used to rotate the table with the help of spindle and pinion.


  •  The table is used to support the workpiece by the help of T slot. 


  •  Housing is presented on both sides of the machine, it used to move the cross-rail on it by using guide ways.


  •  This is used to carry the saddle. this is supported by the housing and moves in up and downward motion with the help of screw.

Tool Head:

  •  Tool head carries saddle, ram and tool post.
  • Saddle used to move along the cross rail and ram used to make an angle to cut the work piece, and tool post used to carry the tool in it.
Horizontal Boring Machine Parts:
      1) Bed: This is used to support the column and this is made up of cast iron.
       It  can resist to high vibrations.
      2) Column: This is used to carry the motors in it and different types of gears and also support the tail stock, the movement of tail stock is done by using guide ways. 
      3) Head stock: Head stock is used to work as guides and feeds to tool. in this there are different type of spindles like one or two spindles, in two spindle one of the spindle is heavy and another is light , the heavy spindle moves slowly and light spindle moves fast.
Saddle: This is used to provide the angles to the spindle. 

Different types of Boring Machine:

Floor type Boring machine:

  •  This machine is used to hold heavy jobs on it. it does not have the table it only holds the work by two supporting columns.
  • One column consists of the head stock, motor, spindle. and another is used to support the work.

Planer type Boring machine:

  • This is a type of horizontal machine which consists of a table on the bed itself, table reciprocates on the bed. this also used to support the work by two columns same as that of floor type.

Multiple head type boring machines:

  • On this machine we can do both horizontal and vertical boring, it consists of cross rail on the top to support the spindle and move towards the work, and there are two more spindles placed in vertical columns and makes vertical boring operations. in this, the table can reciprocate on the bed.

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