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About steam condensers (Surface and jet):

Different types of steam condensers:

Types of steam condensers

1.Jet Condensers
2.Surface condensers

Jet Condensers:

  • Jet condensers are mixed type condensers, in this type the steam gets cooled by getting directly with cold water. 
  • In this condenser, the temperature of cooling water which is leaving from the condenser is equal to the temperature of condensate.
  • These condensers are Installed If the available is cheap and easy for feeding the boiler. 

There are some flow types:

Parallel flow type: In this the steam gets condensed by mixing the exhaust steam with water. in this air and condensate is removed by wet air pump after that the condenser delivers to condensate to hot tank storage, by this the water from it is supplied to cooling water.

Counter flow type: In this the exhaust steam gets condensed by mixing the steam(flows in upward direction) with cooling water which is flowing in downward direction.

Ejector flow type:In this the mixture of air and steam is drawn to the condenser by the help of non-return valve, in this condenser there is a discharged cooling water this is done by convergent nozzle.
  • There are two types of levels low and high type which belongs to parallel and counter flow.
  • In parallel flow, the exhaust steam and cooling water flow from the top of the condenser to bottom which passes in the same direction this gets stored at the bottom.
  • But in counter flow type steam flows in upward direction and water flows in downward direction gets and gets meet in opposite direction to get cool.

Surface condenser:

  • In this type there is no direct contact between the steam and water they pass through different tubes, the heat is transferred from steam tube to cooling water by this steam gets condensed. the water used to pass to the cooling tower and
  • It gets cooled by air and this recirculated to the condenser. by the help of feed pump the condensate is pumped into a hot well and from it supplied to boilers.
  • These are used in large plants. This is a type of non-mixing.

The flows are different types like
  • Downflow
  • Inverted flow
  • Regenerative flow
  • Evaporation flow

Inefficiency due to:
  • There is a loss of efficiency in this condenser due to the heat transfer rate is imperfect through brass tubes.
  • There is a low efficiency consistent due to high velocity and high friction water passing.
  • Efficiency is reduced by entering the steam with high resistance into the condenser.
  • Undercooling also reduces efficiency.

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