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Computer-aided process planning (CAPP) and Types of CAPP

Computer-aided process planning (CAPP):

Computer-aided process planning: Computer Aided Process Planning is a process, that is done by using the computer. Computer-aided process planning (CAPP) is nothing but to produce a design that needed for manufacturing like instruction, specifications etc.

This used to give a complete information to manufacture a product. To perform this operation it should be well coordinate with CAD/CAM. this is an important technique used in the manufacturing industry.

This is widely used due to the quick response and more flexibility in manufacturing firms. This used to set standard timings in operation and helps in improving process planning.

In this there are two types of systems:

1. Retrieval type of CAPP system.
2. Generative CAPP system.

1. Retrieval type:

  • In Retrieval type, manufactured parts are used to divided into part families, this is done by manufacturing characteristics. after this, we used to store the plane about to establish a standard process plan for each part family. This plan can be retrieved at any time to use for the same family. after this, we need to give a code number to it by this CAPP program used to find the required family matrix and compress it. in this modification is done when there is a same code number in the file is founders and make it to the new design by retrieving from operation sequence and standard machining routing. By using a process plan format, the paper document is prepared. 

2. Generative type:

  • This used to create the plan for process depend on logical procedure and geometric data. this does not use retrieving or any other type that stored in the database.
  • In this type for making a sequence planning it does not require human assistance. This is used for solving complex problems and it has the high number of programmers in it to operate this it required high skilled persons.
  • In this there are different types of stages, the first stage is this used to store technical knowledge and logic in process planning.
  • The second stage it required developments in the description like computer compatibility, CAD, group technology etc..
  • The third stage is used to solve complex problems by using logic etc.

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