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Difference between Hole Basis System and Shaft Basis System

Difference between Hole Basis System and Shaft Basis System In Hole Basis System In Hole basis system the hole is kept to constant and the shaft size is changed according to the different types of fit where as in the Shaft Basis System shaft is kept constant and the size of the hole is varied to view various types of fits, in this system the upper deviation of the shaft is zero.The detailed explanation about Hole Basis System and Shaft Basis System explained as follows

Hole Basis System:

  • Size of hole whose lower deviation is zero is assumed as the basis size.
  • Limits on the hole kept constant and those of shaft desired type at fit.
  • The Hole basis system is referred to in mass production because it is convenient and less costing to make a hole of correct size due to availability by stand grills.
  • It is more easily to vary a shaft size according to the fit required.
  • It requires less amount of capital and storage space.
  • Gauging of the shaft can be easily and conveniently done.

Shaft Basis System:

  • Size of the shaft whose upper deviation is zero, is assumed as the basis size.
  • Limits on the shaft kept constant and those on the hot varied to have necessary fit.
  • This system is not suitable for mass production because it is inconvenient and time-consuming and costly to have a shaft of the correct size.
  • It is some difficult to find the hole size according to the fit required.
  • It required large capital, storage space. for a large number of tools required to produce holes of different size.
  • Being internal measurement gauging of the hole cannot be easily conveniently done.

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