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Types of Welding Defects

Welding Defects:

Welding is a permanent joining process, in this process we can join same or different metals and non-metals, welding defects occur on the welding portion/area of the weld, there are some defects which occurs at the time of welding or after completion of welding. these defects are mainly due to improper welding,  arc length, the diameter of an electrode, insufficient heat etc..
Whatever reason there is some kind of defects we can observe at the welding portion. here we explained about the cause of defects and their imperfections in welding.

Types of welding defects:


  • This type of Cracks occurs due to the Poor Ductility if there are a residual stress and improper welding techniques.
  • we can see this on the surface of welding. this is the most dangerous defect that occurs.


  • This is due to the base metal stuck with a small number of electrode particles. this is due to the high arc current, and when there is a low-level angle, and with the improper gas shielded.


  • This is occurred due to the poor welding techniques, and also by high arc current, the defect is caused.

Slag Inclusion:

  • This is formed due to the Low speed, Density of welding current is small, High welding current and speed of welding is fast. if the electrode diameter is more slag is caused.
  • This effects the toughness.


  • This effect is caused due to the poor welding effects, and the angle of the torch is the improper crater is formed.

Incomplete Penetration:

  • This is occurred due to the total depth of metal do not meats fusion temperature, due to the less weld metal deposition, Electrode diameter is more and poor welding techniques and also for due to the incomplete fill of groove metal.

Incomplete fusion:

  • This is occurred due to the heat input is not properly supplied, and when there is a low angle of joint and also due to the electrode size.


  • This is formed due to the defects in the electrode, high welding heat If there is rust it also causes the defect, improper techniques etc.

Lamellar tearing:

  • This is formed if the joint has deep cuts, Poor ductility. this type of defect is observed in between the base metal and heat affected zone.

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