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Explain the elements of condensing plant

Elements of Condensing Plant:

  1. Condenser.
  2. Air extraction pump.
  3. Condensation extraction pump.
  4. Circulating pump.
  5. Cooling tower.

1) Condenser: 

  • This is used for condensing the hot exhaust steam. It steam flows in different types according to the requirement parallel or counterflow. 

2) Air extraction pump:

  • This is used for pumping out the air and uncondensed gases from the condenser.

3) Condensation Extraction pump:

  • This is used for draw the condensed steam from the condenser. 

4) Circulating pump:

  • This is used to draw the cool water from the cooling tower and helps to circulate this water through tubes to tanks.

5) Cooling tower:

  • The cooling tower is used for cooling the water which is circulated in condenser tubes. In this, some amount of water gets evaporated and remaining water gets cooled this water can be used again after cooling. 

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