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Grouping Technology: Basic Coding Structures used in Grouping Technology

Group Technology: Basic Coding Structures used in Grouping Technology

Group Technology: Grouping Technology is used in manufacturing industries to form the similar type of parts into a group. These parts are used to form into families called part families. By Using grouping technology this way of formation gives high results at manufacturing like efficiency, control of the tool, time etc..

Advantages/uses by Group Technology:

  • This Grouping Technology is used to improve the production design by using computerized design. this is done by using the coding system.
  • We find the required part by entering the code of part this saves the time and improves in accuracy.
  • By using the setups they can reduce the time because similar parts are used to processed on them.
  • Material handling is more effective in this.
  • The work done is automated by this time, cost planning is reduced.
  • By this the defects identification on parts is very fast.
  • It enhances the quality of production.
  • By this we can obtain a better control over the process.

Uses Of Grouping Technology:
  • Group Technology uses to classify parts by using the part coding scheme. In this, they use numbers or symbols as the coating to identify design and manufacturing details.
  • They use all numeric, alphabetic or use both of them. by this, we can get the information about the object. in this to minimize the workload inexpensive machine should be added.
  • There are three types.

Basic code structure used in group technology:

1. Hierarchical structure.
2. Chain type.
3. Hybrid structure.

1. Hierarchical structure:

  • The hierarchical structure is also called the mono code. this is in the type of tree structure. in this, the value of succeeding symbol depends on the value of previous symbols. this type is best in design and production.

2. Chain Type:

  • Chain type is also called as poly code structure. In this chain structure, the symbol is fixed and this is independent of the previous digital value. in this, each symbol is fixed and does not depends on the preceding digits.

3. Hybrid structure:

  • Hybrid structure is the combination of Hierarchical and chain structure. by this both mono code and poly code used in the modern firm by part coding techniques.
  • By using the series of short poly cones they used to construct hybrid codes. combination of both systems gives the best features.

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