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Induction Motor, working principle, types of Induction motor, Advantages

Induction Motor:

what is an induction motor: 

The Induction motor is an electrical motor which used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Nikola's Tesla and Galileo Ferraris invented this Induction motor. Induction motor is also called as A.C motor. In this, by the principle of electromagnetic induction, the rotor used to rotate.

Due to the different types of input supply, there are two types of motors.
1. Single phase
2. Three-phase motor

1. Single phase induction motor: 

  • In this split factor or capacitor start is made to rotate the rotor in this type of induction motor, like the capacitor, resistance etc.. in this there is a low starting torque and efficiency
  • The best example for the single phase induction motor is home electric fan.

2. Three-phase induction motor:

  • A Three-phase motor is a self-starting motors where no capacitors are used, start winding, centrifugal switch or another starting device. 
  • Three-phase induction motors are widely used in industrial and commercial applications. 

Working of three phase induction motor:

When three-Phase current is supplied to stator motor the rotating magnetic field is generated in it and an Electromagnetic field is induced in the rotor due to the rotor is in the rotating field, by this the torque is generated( Torque is generated due to the interaction of induced current and flux)  and this helps to start the rotor and makes it rotate. in this, the torque and speed are same from the start and until stop. The three-phase motor is a self-starting motor due to the winding which is made from copper and aluminum and this has parallel conductors.
This motor runs on the A.C power supply.
This is operated without any Variable Frequency Drive.

A.C Motors has two types: 

Synchronous and  Asynchronous motor

Asynchronous motor: 

 Asynchronous motor is an induction motor.

Synchronous motor:

  • It has high-speed rotation than the induction motor. and this has constant speed at different load. it is not a self-starting motor. it needs additionally D.c source.
  • Synchronous speed is known as the speed of the magnetic field rotation. In this torque is developed due to the interaction of two independent fields. this cannot work in hard areas but induction motor can work. this has some frictional losses due to brushes and rings in it.
  • This is used for the air compressor, motor generators, and also for stepper motors and robots.

 Advantages of Induction Motor:

  • Cost of the induction motor is low.
  • This has less maintenance.
  • It is less wear and tear of moving parts.
  • This is used for different types of home applications, industrial work etc..
  • This is used in paper mills, dairy factory, grinders.
  • Different types of mining purpose like coal, gold.
  • This is used as pumps, water feeders, blowers, Conveyors, lathes, power plants, different types of mills etc..

Industry uses there are divided into different classes like:

  • The three-phase squirrel-cage induction motor is used more for industrial uses.
  • This type is economical, reliable. and this can control easily.
  • The sparking does not occur in it.
  • Feed pumps for boilers.
  • Centrifugal pumps.
  • Compressors, crushers etc.

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