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Interchangeability Assembly and Selective Assembly

Interchangeability Assembly and Selective Assembly:

Interchangeability Assembly: In Interchangeability Assembly when a large number of components are to be produced then it is not economical to produce both the mating components by the same operators.In Interchangeability Assembly to get required economy it is also the assumption to produce with in the minimum component time.
This type is possible in the mass production system in the mass production system there is a division of labor. the components are produced in one or more batch by using different operations on different machines. by this method of operation, conditions, in order to assemble the mating components with a desired, fit the strict control is needed.

In this system, the parts that are manufactured is done with specified tolerance limit. When a system of this kind of operation is done with high output and when the components are assembled correctly. with any other mating compounded that to selected at random then the system is called interchangeable or Interchangeability assembly. The manufacturing of components in such conditions is called interchangeable manufacture.

Advantages of Interchangeability Assembly: 

  • The production that done by Interchangeable basis results in increasing output. and reduces in the manufacturing process.
  • Skills used by the process reduces he assemble time. when there is an error occurs.
  • This increases the quality due to the labor division is done in every operation, by this they get specialized in a particular operation.
  • Defective parts and repair become easy in replacements.
  • There is reduced in the cost of maintenance and shut down period.

Selective Assembly:

Selective Assembly: Selective Assembly refers to a concept where sub-components are assembled to form a final assembly.
Assembly dissembles the old concept of inspection, when the component is used subjected into two types like useful or not. if there is useful requirements present in it then it used to assembly. if not it will be scrubbed. In this type of assembly, the components are divided into different groups according to the size and dimensions, By this division there is an advantage in assembly, like every component is used to match with the corresponding component to make the assembly.
In the Selective assembly  the minimum value increases and maximum value decreases respectively, for clearance and interference fit. But for transition fit maximum value for clearance and interference fit decreases.

Advantages of selective assembly in Manufacture:

  • Selective assembly is the fair,clear and low cost  method in manufacturing.
  • It increases the efficiency
  • This gives high quality in assembly.
  • Cost of manufacturing is reduced.
  • Scrab rate in manufacturing reduces by this method.
  • It reduces the machining cost. and increases the efficiency of fit without reducing the tolerance zone.

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