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Planer Machine Working Principle, parts of planer machine, applications

Planer Machine

Planer Machine:The planer machine is similar to a shaper is a machine. It expected to produce flat and plane surfaces by a single point cutting tool. The planer machine is very large compared to a shaper machine. the planer machine is capable of a machining heavy work-piece, which cannot be fit on a Shaper table.


1.In this type of machine cutting tool is held stationary on tool post which is mounted on cross rail.
2. For the work piece from the metal the table used to reciprocator in horizontal direction
3.The cutting action take place in forward stroke of table and return stroke is idel.
4.The feed is given by the linear moment of tool.


1. For large type of flat surfaces this machining is used.

Parts of Planer machine:

1. Bed: This is heavy structure which is made up of cast iron, this is the base of machine. in this the length of bed is double than table. there are guide ways are provided to support the table and used as guide also.

2. Table: This is a rectangular shape that used to move over bed by the help of guide ways, the top of the table has 'T' slot to hold the workpiece.

3. Housing: This is the long in length which is used to support the cross rail, over arm, this is mounted on the top od bed. it carries the total work by this.

4. Cross-rail: This is to transverse of saddle, this is used to hold tool head, the tool head can moved by the help of cross-rail.

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