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Pressure Furnace and Characteristics of Pressure Furnace

Pressure Furnace

Furnace Pressure: The furnace is a device where heat is produced by the burning of fuel. In power plants furnace pressure use fuel like coal and make it burn, by this process heat is generated and which used to supply to the boiler to heat the water and forms into steam. A Pressure Furnace is used to produce a high rate of heat, this done by using blowers or fans, that used to increase the air flow into the furnace and gets a high rate of heat production. this hot gas produced in it is used to pass through the boiler, to exchange the heat from gases to water and used to form steam and this generated steam is used for further operation. In this Furnace, the boiler is operated above the atmospheric pressure.

Characteristics of Pressure Furnace:

  • This type of furnace used to generate more heat.
  • Compare to other furnaces, it produces high heat.
  • Ash removed from it is easy.
  • It contains large fireboxes in it.
  • Within the short period of time heat can produce.
  • In this type the fuel gets to burn easily.
  • The output is more efficient.
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