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About Single Stage Impulse Turbine?

Single Stage Impulse Turbine:

  • In this single stage impulse turbine the steam passes through the nozzle to increase the mass flow rate, this enters into the moving blade and exhausts into the condenser. In this stationary nozzle, the complete expansion is done and also decreases in enthalpy and increasing the kinetic energy is done in it.
  • In this turbine to regulate the steam flow, the nozzle is used and there is a set of moving blades present in it.
  • When the steam passes through the nozzle strikes the turbine blades which is fixed on the rotor, this used to rotate it.

  • When the steam enters into the nozzle the pressure inside expands to final, and there is a high-pressure drop in it.
  • There is an increase in velocity when this high-velocity steam impinges on the blades then the rotary used to rotate.

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