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Tool Life and Types of factors that affect tool life

Tool Life:

Now we are going to learn about tool life, first of all, we want to know about what is a tool?  a tool is a cutting or removing material from the workpiece to shape a required object. all the materials available are not used as a cutting tool, it must contain some properties to withstand the cutting action.
a cutting tool must possess some properties like high heat resistance, hardness etc.
After selecting a required material as a cutting tool, the next step enters into tool life.
Tool life explains the existing period of cutting tool.
Tool life is defined as the time period of a tool in which tool works efficiently and properly in between two successive grinding and withstand to working conditions.
Tool life also depends on its ability to work and resistance to different conditions, to know the proper function of the tool there are some factors represents the tool life.
and these factors helps to find the life period of tool

Different types of factors that affect the tool life are as follows
1. Cutting speed
2. Feed and Depth of cut
3. Tool Geometry
4. Tool Material
5. Work material
6. Cutting Fluids

1.Cutting speed: 

  •  The speed of cutting plays a major portion of tool life. If this used to work with high speed cutting at major times the life of the tool decreases.

2.Feed and Depth of cut:

  •  This is an important factor to improve the tool life.

3.Tool Geometry:

  •  This shows an effect on tool performance and life.

4.Tool Material:

  •  If the material can withstand to high cutting speed and high temperature without changing in mechanical properties this ensure the maximum tool life.

5.Work material:

  •  If the work material has high hardness then the tool life is greater. and for higher temperature metals have the tendency to stick to tool phase.

6.Cutting Fluids:

  • This is used to improve the efficiency, by reducing the heat between tool and work-piece.
  • This also used to reduce the friction and heat generated can decreases. This improves the working period.

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