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BAGGER 293 - Worlds Biggest Machine

Worlds Biggest Machine, BAGGER 293

BAGGER 293: In this Article we will learn about BAGGER 293 - Worlds Biggest Machine. Bagger 293 is the worlds biggest machine ever made, BAGGER 293 is manufactured by German industrial company TAKRAF, this machine is built in 1995, this machine is made to dig the earth for coal purpose, this is using in German coal mining. To run this machine it need five members who used to work and handle the total machine, it has a huge wheel which connected to 18 buckets, each bucket can dig up to 15 thousand pounds of coal/material at one time.

It removes around 100,000 cubic yards per day, this can make a hole around 25 meters deep which is a length of a football field you can't even imagine how huge this machine is. It is about 95.5 meters high and 225 meters long. The material removed from earth can carry by its own convey belts, this used to transport the material from digging place to another place. this machine takes the long and long time to move from one place to another place it takes about 1 hour to move 1/2 km. With the help of this machine, the output obtained and work done is high and high.

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