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Chuck: Chuck Types and Advantages of Chuck

Chuck: Chuck types and Advantages of Chuck:

Chuck: Chuck is one of the most important devices for holding and makes rotate the work piece in a lathe. When there is shorter lengths, larger diameter, irregular shapes can easily and quickly be placed in the chuck. This is attached to the spindle by using bolts, we can adjust the work piece in between the chucks to hold at high speed. There are different types of chucks. They are explained as follows:
  • 3-Jaw universal chuck.
  • 4-Jaw independent chuck.
  • Combination chuck.
  • Magnetic Chuck.
  • Drill chuck.

3-Jaw universal chuck:

  • This is also called as self-holding chuck. this type is commonly used for holding the workpiece. It has three gripping surfaces.
  • device depending upon the size of the workpiece to be held in chuck the jaws are used to open and closed.
  • this is operated by using chuck key to adjust the workpiece in it.

4-Jaw Independent chuck:

  • In this, there are four gripping surfaces to hold the workpiece, in this the four jaws are independently adjusted.
  • By this individual adjustments, they can hold irregular shapes with accurate.
  • Advantages:
  • This jaw can be reversed for holding external or internal on the workpiece.
  • It posses high gripping power.


  • In this, we can place workpiece easily.
  • It has a wide range of cylindrical and hexagonal jaws can be held.
  • In this internal and external jaws are available.
  • Limitations:
  • In this only regular component like round and hexagonal components are held in it.
  • This type of chuck limited it's accuracy in connection when the work piece is reversed.


  • This can be used for heavy cuts.
  • The setting of work piece takes more time.
  • Due to high gripping power, fine work can easily get damaged.
  • This is heavy to handle on the lathe.

Combination chuck:

  • This has the advantages of both 3-jaw and 4-jaw. this has 4 or 6 jaws which can operate either simultaneously by using screw keys or by the individual.
  • This is useful to hold any type of workpiece with irregular shapes.
  • In this, the work piece is held with accurate and easy. by this the work done is accurate.
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