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Cochran Boiler: Working, Main Parts, Advantages and Disadvantages of Cochran Boiler

Cochran Boiler:

Cochran Boiler: Cochran boiler is a multi-tubular boiler and the circulation is natural. Cochran boiler has different parts like Shell, Grate, Combustion Chamber, Furnace, Chimney etc. There are also safety valves mounted on the boiler to protect the boiler from damages. It uses Pressure Valve to measure inside pressure of the boiler, Safety Valve is used to maintain the required pressure in the boiler. Water level indicator used to indicate the level of water in the boiler. Blow Off Cock is used to remove the impurities in the boiler.

Working of Cochran Boiler:

Cochran Boiler used to start with the burning of fuel in the grate, the burning fuel emits the hot gases this gas is used to pass through the combustion chamber from this chamber is used to sent into fire tubes. These fire tubes are arranged in the horizontal axis in the boiler. These fire tubes are surrounded by the water. When this hot gas is passed through tubes water surrounded by it gets heated by the exchanging heat process and steam is produced by it, this steam is collected at the top of the boiler and used for output work with the help of stop valve, and the gases used to discharge to the atmosphere through the help of chimney.

Main parts of Cochran boiler:


This is provided to from damages, this is made with strong materials it covers the outer portion of the boiler.

Fire tubes:

In Cochran boiler, it contains fire tubes which are multi-tubular, this tubes used to carry the hot flue gases inside it, which is developed in the furnace and the heat from the gases get transfers to the water which presents around the tubes.


This is the place where fuel supplied to it gets burned and generated hot flue gases and supplied through tubes present in the boiler.


This is used to clean the boiler.


This is a type of long vertical tube that used to transfer the waste gases into the atmosphere. These waste gases are nothing but when the complete heat gets transferred to the water the remaining gases enter into the smoke box with the help of this waste gases pass out through the chimney.

Advantages of Cochran boiler:

  • Cost of installation is less.
  • Area required is less.
  • It is very compact.
  • Operating this boiler is easy.

Disadvantages of Cochran boiler:

  • Steam produced is less.
  • Maintenance of this boiler is difficult.
  • This used only in small capacity range.
  • It can handle only a limited pressure.

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