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Computer Integrated Manufacturing(CIM) & how it is useful to modern technology

Computer Integrated Manufacturing(CIM) & how it is useful to modern technology:

Computer Integrated Manufacturing(CIM): In this article we aill learn about Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), Computer Integrated Manufacturing(CIM) this is system connects with the CAD/CAM, CNC machines and NC. this is an automatic function method used in many industries, using high technology to improve the work quality and efficiency. This system used to connect with different sources to ensure the work done by the automated system should be clear. there is also a data and information sharing system to obtain an exact design. this is to compare the designed product for the new output.

  • There is also a communication existence to make sure about the present information accurately and this is to achieve higher reliability and increase in optimal processing.
  • CIM includes many automatic systems like, CNC, Computer process control, robots, automated inspection system etc.
  • This all makes the function of manufacturing system faster in bulk production with high accuracy. this also saves time in the different process like inspection, better designing etc..
  • Manufacturing is an important factor to save time, quality output, process etc..
  • CIM is mostly used to overcome all this thing, it uses CNC programmes, CAD/CAM and this makes the function of CNC'S machine to save time, production quality,
  • the process, handling methods.
  • Planning, CIM makes planning system easy by using and coordinating with CAPP, MRP etc..
  • Design plays an important role, CIM uses CAD, this makes work easy and errors can be eliminated within the required time.
  • Quality Control, CIM makes the efficient work output and high quality with each and every object are inspected, this is done by CAQC which handle's the
  •  complete testing of an object which is done by the automated testing process.
  • Information, this process makes an increase in production, by connecting with different sources for required output.
  • The material, this helps to find the material properties. by using MRP1, MRP11. methods.

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