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D.C Generator - parts of D.C Generator & Working of D.C Generator

D.C Generator: Parts and Working of D.C Generator:

D.C Generator:  In this article we will learn in detailed explanation about DC Generator, parts of D.C Generator and working of D.C Generator. D.C Generator is a machine that converts mechanical work into electrical energy. we can get a D.C output with the help of d.c generators. The most important Parts in D.C generator are Yoke, Poles, Winding, Armature, Commutator, Brushes. The Detailed Explanation about Parts of D.C Generator are as follows.

D.C Generator Parts:

  • Yoke.
  • Poles.
  • Winding.
  • Armature.
  • Commutator.
  • Brushes.


  • When the field produces flux, it takes to return the path for the fluxes. this also provides mechanical support to the generator.
  • This is made with cast iron, which also acts as the cover.


  • This consist of core and shoe. cor is used to support the shoe and winding. and the shoe is to create magnetic flux.


  • The winding is wound on the core. this is used to give main field flux. copper material is used as winding material.


  • Both Armature core and winding is called an armature. this core is made by steel and winding is done by copper.


  • It consists of the number of segments and is divided with insulators with each other, it is in a circular shape which connected to brushers further.
  • The commutator is used to collect the current from the armature and connects to external circuits.


  • This is used to pass the current developed in armature from commutator to external supply.
  • this is made up of carbon or graphite etc..


  • When magnetic flux is generated between the poles Armature used to rotate, which is placed in between the poles, this armature used to cuts the magnetic field developed in it. by this, an induced emf is developed in the conductor. this emf causes a current in a closed system.

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