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Difference between Fission and Fusion

Difference between Fission and Fusion:

In this article we will learn about the difference between Fission and Fusion


  • When the neutrons are bombarded with nucleons, large nucleons are used to form into more/large fragments. this is also known as the nuclear reaction or radioactive decay.
  • This process do not requried high temperature, about room temperature, is needed to do the process.
  • With the help of neutrons, the process is used to start.
  • The released energy can be used as heat energy and can be used in nuclear power plant.
  • Radioactive material produced is high in this fission process.
  • Radioactive material causes effects to humans.
  • Small substance formed at the process is more.
  • Controllers of fission reactors can be easily constructed.
  • This process is used to generate the power in the nuclear power plant.
  • This can also be used in medical fields.
  • This is highly used in Weapons, like Atom bombs.
  • When the process is fission reaction, they are called nuclear bombs.


  • In this reaction, two or smaller Nucleic are used to form into larger nucleus.
  • By the help of protons the process is used to start.
  • This process is done on sun every day, the energy released by the sun is used in most of the things.
  • To create fusion process it required fuel and required high temperature and pressure.
  • In this process radioactive material formation is less.
  • This does not affect to humans.
  • Fusion reaction controllers are difficult to construct.
  • This is also used in power generation and Weapons, like Hydrogen bombs.
  • These bombs are more dangerous than atom bombs.
  • Then the process is fusion reaction then it is called hydrogen bomb.

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