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Difference between Flywheel and Governor

Difference between Flywheel and Governor

Difference between Flywheel and  Governor: In this article we will learn about the difference between Flywheel and  Governor. The major difference between Flywheel and  Governor is explained as follows.


  • Flywheel is a device that used for supplying equal energy at fluctuations to run the engine.
  • The flywheel works continuously. to store at power stroke and supply to idle stroke.
  • At the time of transferring the energy /supply of energy, frictional losses do not occur in it.
  • This device is not useful to every engine like when there is a small amount of output (Low Speed) this is not used.
  • This is highly used in Stationary engines, Machines like punching etc.


  • Governor is used to control the speed of the engine with the help of fuel supply.
  • This does not need to work continuously, it is required to supply the fuel as per the demand of the load.
  • This is required in all engines.
  • In this operation, frictional losses occur. due to at high rotational speed.
  • This type of device is mostly used in turbines, engines etc.

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