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Difference between Nuclear Power Plant and Thermal Power Plant

Difference between Nuclear Power Plant and Thermal Power Plant

Nuclear Power Plant:

A nuclear power plant is also called as a nuclear power station. The nuclear power plant will generate electricity with the help of steam to convert heat into the mechanical rotation to rotate the generator to produce electricity. In this heat is produced by the help of Nuclear Reactor. In this there is no ash disposal problems in it. Operation of Nuclear power plant cost is low. This is more economical then Thermal power plant. The required space for constructing the nuclear plant is less. This does not affect any weather conditions. Cost of nuclear power plant construction is high. There is a long-unsolved problem with radioactivity. To operate Nuclear power plant, required experienced operators. Cost of maintenance is high compared to the thermal plant. At the time of Varying different loads, this plant is not able to generate power efficiently. Health of workers may affect by the radiation. Fuel needed for this nuclear power plant is very less.

Thermal Power Plant:

A thermal power Plant is also called as thermal power station, In this power plant in which heat energy is converted to electric power. In thermal power plant heat is Produced by burnt of coal. It produces ash, and there is a problem of ash disposal. thermal power plant Cost of operation is more. This is not as economical as the Nuclear plant. The space required for this plant is more. This gets affected by adverse weather conditions. Cost of construction is less compared to nuclear plant. In this there is no problem about the radioactive effect. The operator should need to know about the working of the plant. Maintenance cost is high. This plant can produce power efficiently at the time of varying loads. Workers do not get affected by this plant. For this plant, high fuel is required.

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