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Different types of Factors that makes Efficient Design of Boiler

Efficient design for boiler:

Boilers play an important role in different types of uses like.. Thermal power plant, Locomotive engine es etc. There are different types of principle designs in different types of boilers. Boilers efficiency is an important factor to be considered. There are some factors affecting the efficient design for boilers Pressure Vessel Design, Heating surface, Boiler pass number, Furnace, Steam and water circulation.

Pressure Vessel Design:

  • This is an important factor to design an efficient boiler. by using the ASME codes and standards the efficient type of boiler can be designed.
  • The main function is heat exchanging it affects the boiler efficiency. Maintenance is required according to the type of boiler.
  • and the inspection done on it should be easy, and at the time of designing the cost of manufacturing, it is needed.

Heating surface:

  • Heating surface is considered at the time of manufacturing, this is to know about the effectiveness of the heating surface.
  • Heating surface is done in square feet per boilers horsepower. this value is about 5sq ft/boiler horsepower. but by the heat surface area cannot increase the efficiency of the boiler.
  • but it is necessary to know about its function. In heat transfer, the surface should be more in natural circulation design than the forced circulation design.

Boiler pass number:

  • This is referred to the number of times the combustion gas passes through the boiler. if there is more in times the hot gas passes through the boiler it gives less efficient in heat transfer.
  • This is an important element to be considered that affect the boiler efficiency.


  • Furnace is developed according to the ASME and standards required for it. Furnace size and shape is important in designing an efficient boiler.
  • Boilers efficiency depends according to there required size and shapes of a furnace, Boilers has much efficient when they are made by standard volume and standard sizes.

Steam and water circulation:

  • To get the desired effect the circulation of water and steam around the boiler should be designed with high precision.
  • This is the more important factor that affects the working of the boiler if there is any damages on it makes less efficiency of the boiler.
  • The inspection and maintenance should be proper at every time to avoid damages.
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