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Hydroelectric power plant: Working, Advantages of Hydroelectric power plant

Hydroelectric power plant:

Hydroelectric power plant: In this article we will explain you about Hydroelectric power plant. Hydroelectric power plant is used to generate electricity with the help of water energy. This method of generating electricity is low cost than any other method. Hydroelectric power plant plant consist of Reservoir, Pen stock, Turbine, Generators, Draft tube etc.

Working of Hydroelectric power plant:

  • Hydroelectric power plant consist of the dam which is stored by water, when the water flows from the dam enters into pen stock, above the pen stock, there is a small reservoir is constructed this used to store water. The water enters from pen stock to the valve and then passes to the nozzle, this nozzle is used to increase the force of water which used to strick the turbine. this turbine is connected to the generator and produce electricity. The water from the turbine enters into the tail race, from this water enters into outlet canals.
  • There is a draft tube used at the outlet of the turbine to decrease the pressure by using large diameter tubes. 
  • In this, turbines are used to run by the kinetic and potential energy of water. there are two types of turbines used to run by this method like Impulse, Reaction turbine.

Advantages of Hydroelectric power plant:

  • It does not create any pollution.
  • Cost of operation is low.
  • Fuel is not required.
  • Water is highly available.
  • It is more reliable.
  • Maintenance cost is low.
  • This plant has a long life.

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