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Loeffler boiler: working, main parts and advantages of Loeffler boiler

Loeffler Boiler:

Loeffler boiler: Loeffler boiler is a high pressure forced circulation boiler it generates a great amount of steam. Loeffler boiler consists of tubes inside the boiler in which water used to pass and function as the heat exchanger. In this, the furnace is present at inside it. they use centrifugal pumps to feed the water in tubes. Walter Douglas La Mount Introduced this boiler in 1918.

Parts of Loeffler:

Economizer, Evaporator drums, Nozzle, Centrifugal pump, Super heaters etc..

Working of Loeffler boiler:

The water used to flow into the economizer through the help of feed pumps. the water in the economizer gets heated with the help of flue gases, this hot gas is due to fuel burning in the furnace. by this the water gets preheated in the economizer, this heated water is used to draws into the Evaporating drum. This steam is further passed to Radiant super heater this used to heat the steam to at high temperature called saturated stage and again this heated steam is used to supply to another super heater called Convective super heater, by this stage the steam gets highly heated about 500degreesC. after this heating process occurred the steam is used to send in to the evaporating drum, at this place the water which is feeding by the pump is mixed with super heated steam this is occurred by the help of nozzle, by this water gets to high heat and evaporates and further this steam is sent in to the turbine to generate electricity. But the Evaporating drum does not use the complete steam from the Convective super heaters, Around 30% of steam is used to run high-pressure turbines and remaining 70% is passed to evaporator drum to heat the feed water in Evaporating drum.

Advantages of Loeffler boiler:

  • This boiler can used salt water.
  • This is compact.
  • It can generate the high temperature of the steam.
  • It can operate pressure about 140 bars.

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