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Major entities provided by the CAD/CAM system

Major entities provided by the CAD/CAM system:

There is two type of surface entities that are Analytic and Synthetic Surface entities.
There are some major entities like. Plane Surface, Ruled Surface, bezier surface, B-Spline surface, Surface of Revolution, Tabulated Cylinder, Coons patch.

1] Plane surface:

  • The plane surface is the simplest calculation type which is easy for mass property and also for similar applications. when the surface model is made to intersect with plane surface cross-sectional view is generated.

2] Ruled surface:

  • The ruled surface used to insert linearly between the two boundary curves. Due to the ruled surface is linear, where there is no twist and bend it is ideal to represent the surface.

3] Bezier surface:

  • Bezier is a type of synthetic surface and this does not pass through all the data points that give. Bezier permits twist and bend. In this type, it allows global control of the surface.

4] B-Spline surface:

  • This is the same as Bezier surface, This can approximate and interpolate the given data.

5] Surface of Revolution:

  • It is an axis-symmetric surface. this is generated by rotating a path curve about an axis of symmetry at a certain angle.

6] Tabulated Cylinder:

  • By using commands identical curved cross-section generated. and a surface is generated by translating a planar curve at a distance along a specified directional vector.

7] Coons patch:

  • In this to create the coons path the curves that should form closed boundaries as shown in fig.

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