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Mechanical Properties of Metals

Mechanical Properties of Metals:

Mechanical Properties of Metals: Various Mechanical properties that required in machine elements.
Different type of Mechanical properties of metals are Strength, Stiffness, Ductility, Creep, Hardness, Toughness, Brittleness, Elasticity, Fatigue, Resilience, Plasticity. The in detailed explanation about Mechanical Properties of Metals are explained as follows


  • When the force is applied to the material the ability to resist this force without any cracks or breaking is called strength of the material.


  • When the material deforms under stress the ability to resist this deformation is known as stiffness.


  • When the tensile force is applied on the material and which gets to elongated to an appreciable length without getting fracture is known as ductility.


  • This is a permanent deformation when there is a constant stress for a long period is called creep.


  • The material has the ability to resist the deformation, machinability etc.. this type of material has the cutting ability.


  •  When there is a high impact load on the material, it has the ability to resist the fractures.


  • In this property the material gets in too little distortion which is permanent is called brittleness.


  • When a load is applied to the material it gets into deformation but it obtains to its original position when the load is removed.


  • When the material gets to failure due to the continuous stresses and this occurred under the yield point is called fatigue.


  • This type of property materials can machine easily with the help of cutting metals.


  • This property has resistance to shocks and impact loads.


  • In this, there is a permanent deformation when the huge load is applied to the material.

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